Dredge Relocation Project

The Dredge Relocation Project, valued at $26M AUD, was a significant part of a mine capacity expansion project which required upgrading equipment and systems on the floating Concentrator to tie-in the new dredge. The dredge project comprised of multiple phases in various locations.

Phase 1
Deconstruct the sand dredge at the rehabilitated Jangardup mine site, located 290km SW of Perth, Western Australia, and road transport to Perth for modification and repair.

Phase 2
Encapsulate dredge and strip chromate surface protection. NDT assess the dredge hull and topside structures, repair / replace steel as defined. Modify the hull to incorporate new HV Sub-Station. Blast and paint surfaces and repaint. Install new / overhauled Electrical, Hydraulic and mechanical system.

Phase 3
Road transport the dredge to Cooljarloo Mine construction site, located 175km NNE of Perth. Reconstruct the dredge and weld to the reclaimed spud barge. Fit-out the dredge and dry commission all electric, hydraulic and mechanical systems.

Phase 4
Flood construction pad and verify dredge hull water integrity. Move dredge into the pond and Wet Commission systems. Tie-in dredge to floating Concentrator platform.